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     Earlier this week, I finished the slow tedious process of copying over my yearly Bible reading schedule into Excel. I'm loving it, because now I can shift things around--in this case, split up the gospels instead of reading them all back-to-back at the beginning of the year. And now that it's on Excel, I can make future tweaks for future years if I'd like.

     Been having fun with Pandora radio at work this week, to keep me sane(r) during the mind-numbing tedium of daily Annuities QC. I love the internet!!

     At last some cold! Finally got below 0 yesterday morning, tying two other years for the latest onset of such cold ever. But it finally came--a nice, nippy -9 F/-23 C just in time for my blood donation so I could feel even colder, hah hah!

     So yes, Thursday I succeeded with my first whole blood donation for 2012. And it was not without entertainment. It's never happened before, but somehow when the needle got put in, I splattered blood all over my pants. Moral of the story: always wear black (or red) at the blood drive! ;)
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