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Shouts · of · Joy

High points of the workweek:      Monday…

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High points of the workweek:

     Monday evening I wrote the epilogue to 'Delarun,' yay! So all that's left is the remainder of the cantankerous section 2.

     Happiness is books from the library and books in the mail from Amazon, yum yum yum.

     A treat in my inbox Wednesday: the Red Cross informing me that since I made a platelet donation so close to Christmas, someone had made a financial donation in honor of my giving at such a critical time. What a neat thing!

     I had lots of fun Wednesday evening watching a movie my boss had recommended to me: 'Fracture.' A psychological/legal thriller that made me wish I had my old CRT tv rather than my nice new LCD one. Reason being, I could throw things at my old tv when the villain got my blood boiling too much! New tv is too easily toppled. =P But it was great, especially the ending.

     And tomorrow is payday Friday, hurrah!
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