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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent goodies:      About 5 minutes worth…

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Recent goodies:

     About 5 minutes worth of glorious jumbo snow on Friday, which is about the best I can hope for during an utterly rotten winter like this one. It was fabulous!

     A lovely treat in my inbox in the form of surprise feedback from Shanra on my 'Tarek' story.

     Got through verbal edits Saturday morning and got my new story 'Encounters' up on LJ. And that makes 40 stories/novellas linked from my Portal Page. FORTY!!! =D

     Best of all, I've made some great progress over the last few days with the chronology for 'The Last Orphan.' Since it's a Delarun story that takes place after section 5 and before the epilogue (so during the last two Geren books) it's very tricky working out when poor overly busy t'DoL can actually find the time to GET to Delarun. And I had a revelation Saturday night in working out the last dates for the story that just delights me. Can't wait to get started writing it!
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