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Hurrah for a payday Friday at last!

     First and foremost, I'm very happy for the gathering momentum of protest against that abominable Constitution-violating piece of tyranny stuffed down our throats by this current administration last week. To see Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish leaders speaking out together against such tyranny is a wonderful thing.

     On the small and local side of things, I was delighted to be regaled by the sight of the beautiful full moon low over the horizon Tuesday evening as I drove to my women's group, and then again, low over the opposite horizon Wednesday morning as I walked to the bus. Double deliciousness!

     Lots of treats on Thursday, right after my fasting day too, when I was doubly hungry! The first was donuts for our entire department from a very kind supervisor in another area, to thank us for our hard work. Then Nancy brought in more treats to celebrate her birthday.

     And after all that, Shelley treated me and Nancy out to lunch at El Barrio for their wonderful taco bar. Guacamole and black beans (and pickled beets and radishes and spanish rice and onions and...) YUM! It was great to escape the office for an hour, it really was.

     Just a few more hours to survive here, and it's time for another weekend. Whew.
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