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     On Sunday, the sight of a bald eagle wheeling in circles overhead after I left Aldi's. That was a blessing I really needed the day after Logan died.

     Monday brought a wonderful Valentine's package from my mom stuffed with goodies. Can't wait to get into the lemon bread!

     Had a scare with one of the fiche scanners Monday that ended up just being a large dust bunny getting into a bad spot. Glad it was an easy fix that didn't cost anything, and little downtime, too!

     After having the morning bus break down three times in the past two weeks--and two days in a row on Tues and Wed, it was really nice to have a smooth ride to work Thursday...and on top of that, a free ride! The icing on the cake was the beautiful sunrise, with the crescent moon as a lovely accent while the Mississippi was gilded orange.

     And nice to have 'only' 124 error e-mails this morning after yesterday's ghastly new record of 169.

     Best of all...tomorrow is Friday at last, AND my 19th anniversary day!
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