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So glad it's a Saturday!

     Thursday evening brought me to the end of a rather long road for one of my art projects. Because on that day, I finally finished my Copper & Changer comic. Reason it's been a long road, is that I posted about coming up with the idea way back on September 28, 2006. And now it is finally complete! I decided to put it with the 'cheat sheet' section of my Copper-novella, so if anyone's already read the novella and just wants to see the comic, you can go straight there. Mind, it's probably one of those things nobody else finds half as funny as I do!

     My 19th anniversary day brought me a treat. Fridays are the days I let myself browse around eBay and check my various searches and favorite sellers, as eBay can be far too addictive and income-devouring if I let myself go there all the time. And this Friday, I found a delightful sculpture I can add to my 'sculptures that remind me of my beloved' collection! And it IS becoming a collection, because if I get this one with some of my PSP money, I will be up to six pieces, yay!
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