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Recent good stuff:

     The box of sundry chocolates I mailed to Skigod (from the Windstone Forum) out in Afghanistan got there safe and sound and only took a week, yay!

     Saturday evening was tax time. And the time of year where making lots of charitable contributions pays off, literally. Boy will I be having a blast with all my federal and state tax returns!

     Should've known the church service would be fantastic when I saw a bald eagle flying in circles over where I get off the road to drive to their parking lot! And it was, it really was wonderful.

     Glad to have made a good bit of progress with my 'Encounters' illustration this weekend. And some writing progress with 'Last Orphan' on Sunday. After four months of being massacred by my job, Sundays are generally the only days I'm both well enough and have the time to write, so I am very grateful I've managed some progress the last two weekends when it's very hard to write with such long intervals between sessions.
Tags: birds: eagles, encounters, last orphan, moolah, windstone ed
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