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Recent (and not-quite-so-recent) good stuff:

     It was a blessing to have my women's group cancelled due to the weather last Tuesday, which meant I could get three consecutive days of writing done, and not feel quite so frustrated and 'I-wanna-quit-my-job' as I often have of late.

     On Friday Shelley and I went out for lunch at a new place: Amanda's Deli. It's on the first floor of 1st Bank, and it is gorgeous down there with all the walls clad in marble. The food (veggie burritos loaded with everything) was great too! I expect we'll be back.

     Finally finished my illustration for 'Encounters' on Sunday. It will be nice to step aside from story illustrations for a little bit with my next project or two.

     Went to church on Saturday which meant I could get two good writing sessions done with 'Last Orphan' on Sunday. Up to 7,700 and I hope somewhere around the halfway mark...
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