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     Getting something on eBay I'd had a search going for around 10 months. Always a great feeling to be able to take one of my searches down because I found what I wanted!

     Finished my art project Saturday and had fun making header and sidebar images and three versions of wallpapers for Frogmouth, work pc, and Tertius.

     I almost didn't go for my walk at Afton State Park this morning, as it was around 63 already (17 C) and close to the hottest I can tolerate walking in. But I went, though I only did 5.5 miles (8.8 km) before I was miserable and my feet were so swollen from the heat that I wasn't enjoying a single step. But I certainly got rewarded! Saw/heard my first 2012 song sparrows, meadowlarks, vulture, turkeys, yellow-shafted flicker, and even a brief glimpse of a pileated woodpecker! No eagles this time, but my treat was the bluebirds. Spotted a male, then a female a minute later, and managed to get blurry shots of them both. Then ten minutes later I got a much better shot of another gorgeous male. Just a lovely treat!
Tags: art, birds: bluebirds, birds: other, photos, walking

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