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Monday treats:

     Got to work and there were only 76 errors waiting for me! Wow wow wow, what a gift from heaven when I was running 140-150 way too much of last week.

     My boss had a meeting with me today so I could look over the wording on some of the PAs (performance appraisals) he's writing and let him know if his ignorance of micrographics was showing (because Jodi would certainly notice!). Anyway, that's when I found out I don't have to do ANYTHING for PAs this year. Nothing! My least favorite job of the whole year and I get out of it in 2012 -- YEEHAW and HALLELUJAH!!

     Another two evenings of progress with 'Last Orphan' has got me past 12,000 words and definitely on the downslope. Finally, as I really don't want this passing 20k if I can help it!
Tags: job: new boss, job: other, job: work, last orphan
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