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Shouts · of · Joy

This is simply wonderful.        On…

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This is simply wonderful.


     On the work front, I got shafted Tuesday with a new record of 181 errors when I got to work, but thank God the rest of the day was a lot better than that! The two meetings I'd been concerned about went pretty well, and it was nice to have a slow-paced afternoon.

     I've been miserably roasting at work of late with this wretched heat wave, so it was very kind of Dawn to loan me one of her fan collection. Never mind it's the broken one, just has to be smacked around a bit to start blowing! ;)

     I find it pretty funny that a day after Bill asked me for feedback on some of the performance reviews he's writing for my coworkers...Jodi asks me for feedback for the performance review she's writing for Bill. Ah, life.
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