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I love weekends...

     A blessing to have sleeping pills, and a pretty good night of sleep Friday night thanks to that. Made it past 6 am!

     Also had a lot of fun watching 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' Friday evening as well. I'll probably be thinking of the movie if I ride the San Francisco trolley this May!

     My outing this morning was to two local parks I haven't been to in a while. It was a treat to have a deliciously cool morning (only around 41 F/5 C) after the past two weekends, and I was out early enough in that chilly cloudy weather to have the places to myself! At Carver Lake, I got a pretty neat shot of some flying cormorants, and at Hamlet Park I was surprised to spot a pair of bluebirds--and the male was cold enough and grumpy enough he didn't try to dodge my camera. (Bluebirds are usually very good at flying away 1/2 second before I take a photo!)

     Very happy to manage a short writing session Saturday evening and one late Sunday morning. Hopefully I can make more progress tonight. Also glad that I'm getting more energy since my job's lightening up a bit, and the bad nights of sleep during this May-weather-in-March-heat-wave haven't quite crushed it yet.
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