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Today I am thankful for...

     Getting out the door early. Due to construction, my walk is a bit longer, but I've been able to make it with time to spare every working day this week. Lovely time of the year to be stuck walking farther, too!

     A last-minute lunch outing with two of my coworkers and another wonderful Jimmy John's vegetarian sub. Just a lot of fun.

     A box-elder bug landing on my shirt on the way home--those little guys always bring back memories, and I was happy to see one.

     A walk home that was nearly perfection. I actually found myself ambling instead of speed-walking, as it was around 70 F/21 C, low humidity, and enough shade around to keep me cool. And the Tartarian Honeysuckles are blooming already!

     Last but not least, the oddity of roaming cats. The timid black stray I haven't seen since last weekend just cleaned up the bowl of cat food I put out; two days ago, the fearless dilute tortoiseshell was trying to seduce (neutered!) Arun. (Yes, Mama, you were right!). And now I have photos of them both.
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