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Thank God, payday Friday at LAST!

     Did my food shopping Thursday since I didn't want to do it on Good Friday, and got a treat as I was driving back home: two sundogs that were red on the inside and blue-white on the outsides. So busy enjoying that, it wasn't until I was nearly home that I saw the nearly-full moon rising in the east. Lovely!

     Been blessed with, and greatly enjoying, a pair of book series I really like. Read the second book in the 'things-with-wings' loveliness series earlier this week, and now I'm having small luck putting down the second book in an incredible Christian sci-fi series. I hope I never lose my childlike intense enjoyment of a good story in an amazing 'world.'

     Well, after having my job devour my life for the past almost-six months, today was the day when I saw a reward for that labor. It's time for performance appraisals for 2011, and my boss actually tried (and failed) to get me an 'Outstanding'--the highest possible! Still, HR did let me get away with an 'Exceeds Plus,' and it was a blessing to have that as a bright spot in an extremely grueling and exasperating workweek.
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