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Lent is OVAH, hurrah!

     It is a treat to drink orange juice again, and blueberry pomegranate mix, and have a can of root beer at the Towners. And eat sweets and cookies and candy...perhaps a little too much. Lent is over!

     Between Saturday evening and Sunday morning before church, I finally got to the end of 'Last Orphan.' But it certainly needs some pruning, so my work with the story is far from complete. It wasn't supposed to be a novella after all, and certainly isn't structured like one. Still, feels great!

     Easter Sunday was such a perfect spring day (like Mother's Day on a 'normal' year) that I had to get out to a park after church and before going to the Towners. Took a walk at Tamarack Nature Preserve and got to enjoy the tamaracks budding out, as well as see some rue anemones. Just beautiful out there!

     Had a nice time at the Towners from 12 to 7:30, and far too much to eat, with dinner followed up by angel food cake topped with strawberries. It was a lovely time.

     And then Monday night I made a platelet donation, and not only did they get a triple out of me (the max) they managed it in under two hours! Yay!
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