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Today I'm happy that I bought gas on Thursday. It was 3.009 per gallon then, my first time paying more than $3 a gallon...but now it's jumped to something like $3.27!

     I enjoyed loads of delicious flowers today as well. Thinking in terms of minimizing gas usage meant that I stopped at Gerten Greenhouses on my way back from Eloise Butler. 9 am on a Saturday morning on Mother's Day weekend...and the place was an absolute madhouse. But I wandered through those rows of pansies, violas, and petunias and literally drooled over the gorgeous hues (did keep my mouth closed, though!) Got me Nierembergia and Coleus, but my buying and planting in earnest must wait until my Burpee petunias arrive.

     Immensely enjoyed a phone call with my mom that lasted over an hour.

     And just finished savoring some more of my first batch of cold delicious Emerald Soup for this summer. Yum, yum, yum!
Tags: emerald soup, flowers, gas
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