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Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, yeehaw!

     So grateful, after last week's craziness, to have three evenings in a row where I don't have to go ANYWHERE. Sure is nice to have time to do editing, working through a textbook, or just listening to music and brainlessly playing games as I recoup from another insane workday.

     Also a treat to have it be much cooler this week than it was in nearly all of March! Even some frost the last couple nights. A treat to be cool enough at night.

     Happiness is hot scrumptious Arby's mozzarella sticks to celebrate finishing 'Last Orphan.' I could do that everyday... ;)

     And this evening I finally had the time to get back into an art project again, after a nearly two week hiatus that was just about to drive me insane(r). So looking forward to lots of art time during my upcoming three-day weekend!
Tags: art, last orphan, mozzerella sticks
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