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Special weekend, special day:

     So today is April 14, the first anniversary of my life's biggest accomplishment in finishing writing the five Geren books, and the 23rd anniversary of when April 14 became a very special day for me. Of course such things must be celebrated! Friday was Chipotle for lunch and chips and guacamole to take home and enjoy in the evening. I looooooove guacamole! So glad God created avocados!

     And today a Domino's pizza run so I can feast on pizza and breadsticks today and tomorrow, hurrah! Plenty of fun working with my Tarlah figure in Poser too: finished my simple Portal Page illustration for 'Last Orphan' and am just getting started with the big in-story illustration. I'm glad it finally dawned on me that she's 51 for most of the story, as she's 12 in 'The Courage of Tarlah,' and in my brain she's 'stuck' at around 35. I'm looking forward to making me a Master of Delarun next, since I seem to have conveniently misplaced the one I used for my 'Delarun' avatar.

     Been nice to take it easy, listen to music, enjoy reading, pick up a book I've been waiting to get from the library for months, and otherwise enjoy the fact that this is my first three-day weekend since New Years. I really needed a reprieve!

     A treat from heaven on my drive to church this afternoon--didn't have a black cat cross my path, but a black squirrel! It's been years since I've last seen one, and I really love them because they remind me of both Tolkien's Mirkwood and the Black Prince. Yay!

     And now it's time to have my first cream soda of the season, dive into the pizza, and get back to celebrating!
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