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A grueling workweek, but there have been blessings:

     Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day, and I was touched to find a card on my desk when I got in, signed by almost everyone in 'my' part of the department. I needed that, especially after my awful Monday and Tuesday.

     Then Shelley treated me out for lunch as well, so I got to happily stuff myself at Keys with a big blueberry bran pancake and side of hash browns. Delicious!

     My sister-in-law's birthday also means it's birthday time for my cats: Arun turned 12 on Wednesday and Shado turns 9 on Friday. I'm especially blessed by the latter, as with his heart condition, it was not something I could take for granted, seeing him reach 9 in such good shape. Now I'm praying for double-digits!
Tags: job: coworkers, job: other, pets: arun, pets: shado
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