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     Today I have a much-needed day off work, though it will probably disappear quickly between laundry, errands, and a platelet donation tonight.

     Still, the extra time meant I could take a long outing Sunday and not worry about the clock too much. Drove up to Wild River State Park, which I visited briefly for the first time last autumn. The weather dictated I go north rather than south to Nerstrand Big Woods as I had planned, but I'm very glad I did!

     Walked a total of 8.5 miles/13.7 km between two portions of the park, and was delighted by the abundance of wildflowers I saw. Almost every variety I'd spotted at both Eau Galle and Latsch, and also got to see my first sessile-leaved bellworts and some neat looking prairie smoke flowers. There was lots of wild blue phlox which reminded me of the ones my mom used to grow in her garden, and some Tiger Swallowtails flying around to remind me of the North Shore, and I even got a photo of an adorable tiny blue Spring Azure butterfly as well!

     The only disappointment was the lack of abundant/varied bird life, at least that day. But I did get to inadvertently spook a Bald Eagle away when I walked to the edge of the St Croix River for a view. Boy have I been blessed with tons of eagles this spring!
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