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     I'm glad to see that tomorrow there is actually NO rain in the forecast, after the repeated drenching we've had of late. Tons of rain and storms, (and tornado alarms going off at 2:45 am) and a little flooding, and no outing this weekend (would have been solid mud anyway) but there was not enough to have to bail.

     Had a blast seeing Avengers in 3d on Saturday. (And a preview of Pixar's Brave as well.) I'm tempted to go back Memorial Day weekend...

     Best of all, made some good progress with 'Delarun' section 2 this weekend. For the first time in a long time, I'm actually feeling something close to writer's adrenaline and really itching to make more progress. Of course good 'ole Murphy's Law gets the last laugh, since it had to happen a few days before my trip! =P
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