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Worked from 7 am to 7:30 pm on Tuesday, with an hour break for lunch & dinner. Hopefully I got enough done that I won't have to do any more overtime before my trip. But there were treats: the Chipotle gift card I used to get dinner, and the pileated woodpecker and baby Canada Geese I saw on my drive home.

     Of course since the weekend is over, the weather is now quite nice! But that was great, because on Monday evening I was able to finally get the cats' outdoor enclosure set up for them.

     Monday night was also great because I finished chapter 3 of 'Delarun' section 2, and passed 90,000 words, yay!

     I thought I glimpsed a loon on the reservoir at Eau Galle a few weekends back, so ever since then I've had a deep craving to get up north and see loons--it has been FAR too long. Anyway, thanks to the Minnesota Bound Loon Cam I can get a temporary 'fix' right at home--and the first egg was laid just a couple days ago!
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