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     Wednesday morning, my boss brought in bagels to share. It was also apparently the 4th anniversary of the 'great slinky race.' So Dawn was pestering Corey to build her another slinky track out of boxed. Then she and I went downstairs to get our bagels...and when we got back up, Corey had built a large wall blocking her desk!

     Then around lunchtime I succeeded with my second whole blood donation for the year. I wasn't sure, because my good arm got a pretty big bruise after my last platelet donation, which meant they used my more troublesome arm. But she nailed it on the first try, yay!

     Got a good start on chapter 4 of 'Delarun' section 2 on Wednesday evening, trying to get myself set up to get right back into it after my trip...

     And in less than 24 hours, I'll be in California!!
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