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I was blessed last evening by a gorgeous post over at Master's Artist. Had to save it to my computer; definitely one to ponder, to be spurred on and comforted by, all at once.


     And time for some gratitude-burbling. I am grateful to those folks that haven't shunned me of late, or treated me like I was plague-infested. I'm grateful for the kind e-mails people sent earlier this month, even though it hurt far too much to try to reply. They are cherished. I'm grateful for the card, the thank-you note, the surprise gift (though I've already babbled about those). This first part of May hasn't been any better than March and April, but at least, thank God, it hasn't been any worse.

     And really, just about the best of 'help' anyone can give me through all this is just the kindness of caring enough to read these entries and comment every once in a while. Nothing big or flamboyant...just caring enough to read and respond. So big thanks and hugs to you lovelies that have done that this month: my mom, my sister-in-law, Beth, Alison... It might seem a small thing, but it really has made a difference. Big hugs to all of you!


     It doesn't matter how many years I buy seeds and plant them, seeing them sprout is a miracle and a wonder every single time. They're busting up now: dwarf morning glories, morning glories, and moonflowers, and I'm amused how easy it is to tell such similar species apart, even then. (The moonflowers are MONSTERS). Spring has been a blessed distraction, and I'm comforted by my piecemeal garden progress as well. There was a while I was afraid I'd be too drained/disinterested to do a garden this year, but emulating the plodding tortoise appears to be paying off. Slow and steady; slow and steady...
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