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Friday already, and a three-day weekend coming, yay!

     Had quite a treat this week--my lovely sister-in-law playing catch-up on my Portal Page and leaving lots of story comments! What a delight!

     For it being a full 5-day workweek after my vacation, it sure felt a lot faster and went easier than I was dreading. For which I am quite grateful!

     Finished writing chapter 4 of 'Delarun' section 2 on Tuesday evening, and I'm looking forward to getting into chapter 5 over the weekend.

     Thank the Good Lord for air conditioning! I had to go without it for a few hours during a long power outage Wednesday night, and that was not pleasant at all. Electricity and air conditioning and days when it actually DOESN'T rain (or flood) are all wonderful things for which I am very grateful right now (and should be always!).

     Arun wasn't eating hardly at all during the beginning of the week, whether due to overindulgence while I was off, the warm weather, or both. Very glad that he is doing better with eating these last couple days--leaving some food out to soak so he can eat it soft during the night appears to be helping...
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