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     Lots of treats in the last couple days. Thursday, Shelley and I went over to where the Farmer's Market is, but there was nobody selling yet. Still, we got Jimmy John's veggie subs and sat out in the plaza there and enjoyed the marvellous weather. (No humidity all week--and no rain either!) Then in the afternoon I savored a delicious pina colada popsicle as part of the celebration of the Windows 7 testing/transition.

     Friday brought more treats. At the last minute, ended up going out for lunch with Dawn. Got pizza and then sat in Mears Park enjoying the weather and the flowers. Then in the afternoon we went and got the Arby's Orange Cream Shakes we've been anticipating for a while. Delicious!

     On Thursday night I made a good start on chapter 7 of 'Delarun' section 2, and on Friday got my first couple boxes packed. Looking forward to seeing what I get done this weekend!
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