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Nice to have a couple cooler days this week to make up for the sweltering weekend!

     Took a longer walk home Tuesday so I could pick up a library book. It was memorable...first I got to watch a bald eagle soaring in circles, and then I had a very peculiar creature cross the road in front of me in broad daylight. I'd have sworn it was some sort of strange fox/coyote hybrid, except the internet says that's not possible. Certainly no dog breed I have ever seen or heard of has anywhere near that long a tail. Just fascinating!

     My coworkers had a bit of a laugh at my expense today. I hung up the whiteboard, not realizing I'd written 'Fri, June 15' instead of 'Wed, June 13.' Definitely a 'Freudian board slip'! ;) I am ready for payday.

     Nice to have things to look forward to amidst the busyness of packing and studying and lodging-seeking. I get to visit the Towners Thursday evening, and Friday at work is the goodbye party for a coworker's promotion. It will be great to have a break.
Tags: birds: eagles, job: coworkers, mystery
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