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Frustrating weekend overall, but there have been bright spots:

     At least it got nice long enough this morning so I could dry out all the stuff that got soaked in Saturday morning's flood. And though I got hardly any packing done, it felt great to haul a bunch of stuff over Friday evening for the church garage sale.

     Some better days for sleeping as well: made it to 5:01 am on Thursday, 5:30 on Saturday thanks to the sleeping pill, and 5:00 on Sunday. Can't wait to get past the solstice!

     I'd been thinking of treating myself to some pizza the weekend after my birthday, but then got a flyer for 50% off online orders which ended this weekend. So I just did it early, and got a wonderful pineapple, onion, and mushroom pizza I'll be enjoying for dinner the next couple nights. No time wasted on cooking, and no need to turn on the oven in the heat, yay!

     And today brings me to 19 years and 4 months in my countdown to my 20th anniversary. =D
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