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What a blessing to have a night with no storms, no power outage, no tornado alarms, no flooding, and no wind damage! This here nicely sums up the 'fun' we've had Sunday and Monday nights.

     Aside from the storms, it's been a pair of hot, brutal days. 90 F/32 C for the walk home Monday, and then Tuesday was 92 F/33 C with a heat index of 96 F/35.5 C thanks to the humidity. So I am grateful for the neckband with polymer water-absorbing crystals my mom gave me when I last visited--it really helped!

     Also got delicious relief in the form of Jamba Juice smoothie mixes I'd bought at the grocery store some time back to try out. So cooling and yummy and easy to make in the blender! I have to remind myself it's a pricy luxury, because in weather like this, it feels like a necessity!

     Can't forget Dawn's gift of mozzarella cheese sticks from White Castle that she wanted me to try out. Not only was it generous, it was perfectly timed. Getting ready for work Tuesday morning with no power meant I didn't want to be opening the fridge/freezer much, so I didn't really have breakfast. Her gift soothed my ravenous tummy nicely indeed!
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