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Shouts · of · Joy

I have wonderful coworkers and they spoiled me on my birthday…

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I have wonderful coworkers and they spoiled me on my birthday yesterday...

     I drove into work so I could buy bagels and bring them in to share. And then Dawn showed up with a 'cake' that was a gigantic chocolate-chip cookie with flowers made of frosting and 'Happy Birthday' on it. And she brought a candle, lit it, and I got to blow it out...and neither the smoke alarms nor the sprinklers went off, which was very good. ;)

     And then Nancy gave me a lovely blue-and-white dishcloth that she knit herself by hand, complete with a hole to prove it's authentic!

     Can't forget the beautiful flowers Sarin made into a bouquet for me, all from her backyard: pink, red, white, and burgundy roses, along with beautiful pale orange lilies. And the cats haven't destroyed it yet! It's wonderful, since because I'm moving this summer, I didn't do a garden this year. Perfect flower 'fix.'

     Definitely cannot fail to mention the wonderful homemade granola my wonderful mom made for me, which I will be enjoying for a bit. Yay!

     On a different topic, I just keep on finding more to love about Eagan (where I hope to move) the more I research stuff. On Friday I discovered that they have the best-rated Farmer's Market in the state, every Wednesday from 4-8 in the summer and early autumn...eager to check it out!
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