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A nice quiet weekend...

     Forgot to post earlier about Murphy's Law totally dropping the ball last week. Reason being, one of my smoke detectors had a low battery. And to my amazement, it actually starting doing its aggravating low-battery 'chirp' A) while I was home and B) NOT at 2 am! How often does THAT occur?!? Usually it has to start chirping in the middle of the night so I can be stumbling around trying to figure out which smoke detector needs a new battery. Instead, it happened at 10 am on a holiday!

     Took a bit of a reprieve with the studying this weekend, and got lots of packing done instead. My floor lamps are now ugly bare 'sticks' with glaring lightbulbs atop, since I've packed away all the stained glass shades. Got my futon disassembled (since I won't need to sleep on it until Sept anyway) and a bunch of non-essential kitchen stuff packed too.

     Also very happy that I got lots of editing done in 'Delarun' section 2, and even a little progress on an art project I hadn't touched since last December. It's not very fun, but if I keep whittling away at it in small chunks, it will help me hold onto my sanity with getting to work on something meaningful amid all this busyness, and the payoff will be huge if I ever get the figure completed...
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