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A smattering of little pleasures and one big delight:

     They had corn on the cob at the Farmer's Market on Tuesday--already!! Those folks in the neighboring suburb must have risked planting at least one field a month early with our early spring. It was scrumptious.

     It actually got to around 65 F/18 C on Wednesday morning, which made for a deliciously delightful walk to the bus stop, the first time it's been cool enough for my liking in a LONG time.

     The Mississippi River was an exquisite shade of baby blue this morning, and I spotted four rabbits on my walk to the bus stop.

     Jimmy John's moved up their Customer Appreciation Day, so I got to have a deliciously cool and crunchy veggie sub for $1 for my lunch today!

     Best of all, I just found out that my application cleared and I GOT THE CONDO RENTAL!!!1! What a relief! All this waiting on multiple issues has been driving me wild, but at least one huge question is finally resolved. =D
Tags: aldamar, farmer's market, jimmy john's
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