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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent good stuff:      It was a treat to…

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Recent good stuff:

     It was a treat to have a payday Friday the 13th! Even more so as that was the day I got my lease signing for the new place scheduled for Wednesday the 18th, and a move-in date set of August 15th. Just a month and a day away, hurrah!

     A treat on the bus ride home--I'd run out of magazines and was feeling too tired for the non-fiction book in my bag, so just savored the view. Got the blessed thought to look up--and there were two bald eagles flying south and moving fast, as fast as 40 mph it seemed (64 kph). An immature one appeared to be chasing the adult eagle, and just as they passed over the bus the adult rolled onto its back in flight to ward off the (probably begging for handouts) youngster. So neat!

     Also delighted that today I sold my dining table, chairs and benches set that I'd listed on Craigslist last Saturday. Nice to have more open space for heaping up boxes, and also a little cash that will probably disappear between Farmer's Market produce and cool-down treats during this (yes, yet another) heat wave.
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