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Weekend goodies:

     Got airfare for the 'family reunion' at my Uncle Tony's Virginia dream house at a wonderful price. I'm sure by the time September rolls around, I'll be eager to escape somewhere.

     Checked out the Chuck & Don's pet food near where I'll be moving, and it's much larger than the one I currently shop at. Tons of varieties of premium canned cat food, and they even had a good selection of frozen raw food...assuming I ever get up the courage (and budget) to go that route. Really impressed.

     It's amusing that I've been going at it so well with the packing--I'm actually pretty close to running out of stuff to pack that I don't need to use in the next month! Got a list going of stuff I can do once August arrives, the nights are a half hour longer, and the cats won't need any heartworm medication until September. But it will be nice to slow down, especially with such a ghastly hot month on tap.

     The last month-plus has been a challenge in getting Arun to keep his food down, or eat at all, while the last week brought me $400+ in vet bills for him (which merely told me that he did NOT have diabetes, or tumors, or kidney failure, or liver issues, etc). Saturday morning I was very low when he wouldn't even eat the gravy anymore...but after a prescription of Prednisolone and a shift to a different canned grain-free diet, and the 'miracle' of tuna water and tuna fish, he is eating like a bottomless pit, not dehydrated, and better yet, keeping it down! What a huge relief to have such a sharp turnaround after the last scary month. Pray to God it continues...
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