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     On Monday, I brought in my old Viewmaster slides from my childhood for my coworker Dawn (who likes to collect that sort of stuff), and in return she treated me to an Arby's Orange Cream Shake--which was wonderful timing, as it nearly hit 100 again (38 C) so it helped me survive the very hot, miserable ordeal of getting home.

     Today I got off work early, and got to sign the lease for my new place, hurrah! Then I drove to the area, and found that the buildings had been repainted in a less ugly color (to me) than what's shown on Google Street View. That was a treat! =D

     After that, went to check out the community Farmer's Market, which occurs each Wednesday from 4-8. Glad I got there early, as the parking got crowded fast. A blessing to have it cloudy with a storm nearby, and a treat to come on the week when an antique car show was going on. Just bought broccoli today, but I'm looking forward to trying out some of the yummy options when it's cool enough for me to enjoy them...
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