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Tuesday treats:

     Delighted to finish the in-story illustration for 'Twilit Wind' last night, and hopefully I'll finish the little Portal Page illustration tonight. It will be nice to get that story up with the 41 others linked to my Portal Page.

     Shelley gave me a chocolate-covered rice crispy bar from a party in the mailroom...chocolate is a rare treat this time of year.

     Been having fun frying and eating some sweet onions I got at the Farmer's Market. Delicious!

     I've been working on training Dawn and Sarin on Corey's work, since he promotes out of my department this Thursday. Sure makes the time fly, and it's a nice change of pace, too.

     Looking forward to launching into a project for a custom check image, since I'll be getting new checks when I move. It's been a treat having hours to spend on art projects too--best enjoy it now since it will end shortly!
Tags: art, farmer's market, job: coworkers, twilit wind
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