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Recent blessings:

     The weather!! For the second weekend in a row, a cool spell came in, and this one was even nicer than last weekend. It got down to 58 F/14 C this morning, and the humidity is super low today--just exquisite. Got out to the regional park I'll be very close to once I move, and did an hour and a half of hiking covering around 5 miles before heading to church. And unlike last weekend, I didn't get plagued by mosquitoes. Beautiful morning!

     Got a surprise on Friday when I thought for sure the last big 'limbo' issue wouldn't be resolved until Tuesday at the earliest--that was quite a blessing after so many weeks/months of waiting! (Still have to wait until Tuesday before I can talk about it openly.)

     Having loads of fun with art before I run out of time--finished the last custom check image, am doing a wallpaper just for fun, and also got started on an illustration for 'Tongue-tied.' Hopefully Tertius (my pc) has the brawn to do justice to Hened's messy study...and hopefully I have the patience as well!

     Got the pet drawer, all my music/boombox, and the lace curtains all packed yesterday--now my place is really looking bare!
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