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     These first two tie in with my big illustrated post about my promotion that I put up yesterday. See, 2012 brought months of wondering and anticipating if I would get the new position. Lots of time to consider how I would celebrate. And it ended up being quite simple. When I got the call from HR on Friday (but had to keep it hush-hush until Tuesday), I added a bag of pistachios to my food shopping that evening. I like pistachios, but I've never let myself buy any because of how much they cost. So the big promotion was my excuse to get a 'lil crazy with my food expenses. ;) And I am REALLY enjoying them!

     Also been fun enjoying the congratulations from coworkers and others once the news got out. Got three sets of them from my boss's boss (voice-mail, in-person, and e-mail) and even got a very nice e-mail from my boss's boss's boss! (Way up in the stratosphere). And Shelley is taking me out to lunch tomorrow, which is very kind of her.

     Fun to have a work party Wednesday for Gary's 10th anniversary--lots and lots of food! His daughter came too, and she brought a ton of delicious lemon cupcakes with lemon frosting and lemon gumdrop sort of candy on top.

     Just met the lady who will be visiting my cats while I'm gone (Arun's health means I need someone to stop by daily now and split them up for feeding)...and Shado actually liked her! Let her pet him!! So that's my 'sign from heaven' I picked the right person. Thank you, God!

     And tomorrow is payday Friday, hurrah!
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