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     Corey dropped by my area Friday, 'officially' to return his tape and stapler. It was great to see him and hear about his new job. Still lots of learning, of course, but I hope he loves it!

     Lunch with Shelley at El Barrio was great, especially getting away from the office after such a crazy, grueling workweek. And then she bought flan for us to enjoy later...

     Blessed with a third cool weekend, remarkably so for August. So this morning I got out to William O'Brien State Park. Got there right at 8 when it opened, and got to savor the last of the fog over the area and the sunlight burning through it. I love fog! Also got to see lots of bluebirds, four rabbits, a pair of kingfishers squabbling, a flock of young turkeys, and did 7.5 miles/12 km of walking in 2.5 hours. Fantastic morning!

     Got a treat just now--the Towners were helping some people move this weekend, so they just stopped by with a bunch of leftover moving boxes. Now I need not worry in the slightest that I might possibly run out at the last minute. =)
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