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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent delights:      This month continues…

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Recent delights:

     This month continues to be more like September than August, and I am really enjoying it! As it's been so nice, got lots of Farmer's Market goodies and have been chowing down on broccoli, brussels sprouts, and green beans with my meals over the past few days. So nice to have it cool enough I can enjoy fresh-cooked veggies!

     It's been a treat to have a pair of hawks hanging around the corner where I catch the morning bus lately. Keep hearing them calling back and forth to each other, and often see them perched on the power poles or in the trees. They're smaller than red-tailed hawks...I'm guessing they're Broad-winged hawks, but my bird books are all packed...

     I'd been dreading my July electric bill--got it today and it wasn't as bad as I'd feared. Actually $9 cheaper than last July's! I'm certainly not complaining.

     First round of training with my boss in preparation for the training in California next week. I think the older I get, the more of a computer nerd I'm turning into, because it was delicious...
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On August 14th, 2012 03:50 am (UTC), brezzydal commented:
Such a nice break for you with the cool weather after all the hot weather you had this summer.
I can not wait until we get over our heat. There are fires in the area and air quality was horrid tonight.
That is so neat with the hawks.

Glad you are enjoying your training. Have a good week.
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On August 14th, 2012 11:24 am (UTC), shout_of_joy replied:
It's like someone flipped a switch between July and August--for both of us! How many straight days of 100+ has it been now? It just keeps dragging on!

You too, thanks!
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On August 16th, 2012 07:13 pm (UTC), topercolate commented:
Lucky you. :) What I wouldn't give for September weather...I'm actually looking forward to December right now.
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On August 17th, 2012 01:41 am (UTC), shout_of_joy replied:
I'm always looking forward to December weather. ;)

But this month has been such an amazing treat I almost regret going to California and missing a week! (Wish I could've gone in July.)