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Shouts · of · Joy

Posting to prove I ain't dead yet...…

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Posting to prove I ain't dead yet...

     As I expected this week has been insane, worse, each day is crazier than the last. Did 8.5 hours Wednesday (because I couldn't stay for the last bus and still make the walk-through at my new place) and 9.5 hours on Thursday. Have fun guessing what Friday ends up being! (I'm driving in so I can stay past the last bus.)

     Speaking of the new place, on Thursday after my 9.5 hours, got back out there, brought a few boxes, and did a @7 minute video walk-through to burn on cd and mail to my family. Enjoy! Ah yes, the cd-rom is named 'Aldamar' and so is the video clip. My new place got a name thanks to my coworker Nancy calling it a 'tree house' when I described how many stairs/levels it has (5 and 6, respectively.) 'Aldamar' is cobbled-together Sindarin for 'tree house.' =)

     I'm so glad it's Friday, and better yet, Friday the 17th! Today brings me to exactly 19 and 1/2 years since I 'met' t'DoL! =D
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