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About 20 hours until I get on the plane to head off to the training for my promotion...

     Dawn bought me some 3-way popcorn Friday, which was sweet of her. I showed her the video I took of my new place and she realized how much is going on at once for me.

     And I only had to work 9.5 hours on Friday, thanks in large part to my boss cancelling our training session for that day. Gave me an extra two hours to work at all the stuff I needed to get done (when I wasn't training with people and answering questions).

     Got a lovely congrats card from my aunt celebrating my promotion.

     Though I'm supposed to be working on moving and getting ready for my trip (really should start packing soon)... I could not pass up yet another cool Saturday morning. Drove to Afton State Park as it will be a lot further away once I move, and did around 4 miles of walking. It was a gorgeous morning, and the goldenrod is starting to bloom. There were even blackbirds swarming in some treetops--everything declaring that wonderful autumn is approaching. Thanks to my trip and moving, it will be September before I know it!

     In the early afternoon headed over to my new place with the cats and let them explore for a bit while I put contact paper on some shelves. Arun had a hard time thinking vertically for a while, and Shado had to get moved to the very top so he'd stop cowering behind some blinds, but they were a whole lot more confident by the time I left.

     Assuming I have time to think, my next post will be from Costa Mesa, California!
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