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Recent blessings:

     Glad that on Wednesday I was able to get the confusion with the mailbox key sorted out. It turned out that my mailbox number does NOT match either the number of my address or the number stamped on the key. I won't forget it now, though!

     On Thursday I took the cats to the vet for their annual check-up. They were both fine, and I was delighted to find that Arun has gained a pound since he was last weighed there.

     Got my tv/dvd set up this morning..and I have 5 stations! What a leap up from the 0.25 left to me at the old place after the switch to digital. Not that I want to waste any time on television, but it is a comfort to have it there for when the weather is ugly and the sirens go off.

     And finally got the DSL working so I have internet again, hurrah! Now it can finally feel like I'm living here, and not in exile. ;)
Tags: aldamar, pets: arun, pets: shado
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