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So...I stepped out to feed the black stray a little bit ago. He's been showing up for at least one meal a day this week, sometimes both morning and evening for two. And he's been getting a little less leery--a couple times recently he retreated as far as the neighbor's steps, where he was high enough above me to feel safe.

     But this time he stood his ground! Obviously very tense and on the edge of flight, but I was only three feet away when I set the food bowl down (the fact I'm standing on my sunken sidewalk and the ground is waist-height to me probably helps). Still, he stood his ground. I put the food down and duck inside quickly each time to not stress him, and he goes right to the bowl.

     Nice to see him learning that not all humans are a threat. And he's so familiar to my own cats now that they leave the enclosure to eat or look out other windows--he's no longer quite so much a 'novelty.'

     And right now...he's sleeping just a foot from the food bowl. I can't help but be touched.
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