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Recent good stuff:

     Shado really loved my new place; one would think I rented it just for him! Having fun tearing up and down the stairs and getting into boxes as I unpack them.

     Yesterday I watched my first Netflix dvd in over a month! It's been a while since I had time for watching anything, and it might be a while again, with the Virginia trip coming up so fast.

     Already got a check from my job for my expenses during the KTM training trip, with plenty of time to spare before my credit card bill comes due, hurrah!

     On Sunday I got out to the wonderful State Fair. Didn't get to stay as long as I wanted, because once it passed 85 F/30 C in a crowd of well over 100,000 people, it was too hot for me to bear. But the morning was wonderful.

     I love it that my new spot to catch the bus is right in front of my work on the shady side of the street. 90 F/32 C this afternoon, but it didn't feel nearly as bad as it would have in my old spot!
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