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Hurrah for a payday Friday!

     A few days late... 2013 will be the huge anniversary year for me, but 2012 did have one which I find quite wonderful. September 4th marks ten years from when I paid off my (previous) car and have since been completely debt-free. What a blessing from heaven!

     The best thing about being back to work is the local Farmer's Market. I was missing my fresh veggies the week I moved, but this week I got to chow down on green beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts...and tomorrow's breakfast will be hash browns made from scratch out of lovely new potatoes. Yum, yum, yum!

     After work I got over to Cub Foods for my first regular food shopping at my new place. And what a blessing! Not only is it less than 1.5 miles (2.4 km) from home, while the Cub Foods I used to shop at was 6.4 miles (10.3 km) from home. But the layout is nearly identical, except the store is bigger and has more selections! I tend to write my shopping lists in order of layout, and I was afraid I'd have to learn a new one from the ground up--but all I have to remember are the few things that are in different places. Yay!
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