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     Got a real treat this weekend. My boss has been giving away tickets at times--all so far this summer were drawings for baseball games, which I more than slightly detest, so of course I didn't participate. But some of my coworkers got to go to games for free, which was neat. But then last Thursday, Bill shows up with four tickets for the St Paul Chamber Orchestra concert on Saturday. A lot of people entered that drawing, and Sarin won. But then on Friday she found she couldn't make it, so she very kindly gave the tickets to me and Dawn. So that was Saturday night--me, Dawn, her twin sister Denise and Denise's boyfriend all at the Ordway Theatre. The Stravinsky pieces were fine, but what I completely adored was getting to heard Beethoven's Third Symphony. What a treat and what a blessing!

     I'm always tired these days, between constantly running up and down the stairs in my new place, a 'workday' (including lunch and commuting) that is just shy of 11 hours rather than shy of 10 the way it used to be, and my long 1.4 miles/2.25 km walk to the bus stop in the morning (thankfully the afternoon walk is much shorter). BUT, not only am I getting lots of exercise with all this, I have gotten to have a prolonged view of some lovely sunrises the past two mornings during my walks. I am also looking forward to being rather lazy in Virginia, for which I leave in just two days!
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