Joelle Duran (shout_of_joy) wrote in shouts_of_joy,
Joelle Duran

Life has been very aggravating of late, but there have been some distinct bright spots:

     My boss was tormenting poor Dawn Monday with a fake plastic rat and cockroach wallpaper on her pc, so I decided he needed some pranking in retaliation. Filled up a cabinet over his desk with empty film boxes and film reels (with some help from Dawn so they wouldn't all fall out before I got the door closed) and hid his Coke and pop-tarts in there too. I thought for sure he'd had triggered it by the time I got to work Wednesday in search of his breakfast, but he hadn't. In fact, it was late Wednesday morning, when he realized Dawn was off for the day and decided to fetch the fake rat for more mischief, that he finally opened the cabinet. The resultant crash was lovely, and Bill was ecstatic (he really likes pranks, I guess). Of course now he has a week and a half while I'm in Virginia to plot his retribution... ;)

     Also on Wednesday, I succeeded with my third blood donation of the year. Probably better to not do it so close to a trip, but I was able to deal with dragging my vacuum cleaner and suitcase around afterward with no misadventures.

     Happy that I was ready to head to the airport early enough that I had 40 spare minutes I could use to finish up some small art projects I'd worked on over the weekend.

     I'm headed to the Norfolk, Virginia, airport to meet up with my mom and her oldest sister before we drive to my uncle Tony's place. But currently I'm in Washington DC, Reagan National Airport, on a nice lengthy layover. (Such a treat after the short stressful ones in Phoenix). Getting free Wi-Fi is a blessing, but the even greater gift was my view of the Capitol, Washington Monument, Supreme Court building, etc, during our descent. Seen them in movies and photos all my life, so neat to see them for real, albeit from a distance!
Tags: art, donations, job: boss, vacation
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