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     Very nice to finally have the mail mess sorted out and mail flowing again. Got a treat yesterday: the congrats on my new home cards that my parents and aunt had sent and had returned to them--they both stuck them in a bigger envelope and sent them again, they both showed up on the same day--AND they were both the same card! Priceless! I'll be keeping them on my microwave cart until Christmas, that's for sure!

     Another treat in the mail Monday was my new driver's license (with new address). Which means I can now get registered to vote in my new district, and get a library card for the Dakota County system. I'm really looking forward to getting to request books again...

     This weekend, I located Blackhawk Park at last, after two failed attempts previous weeks that sent me driving in circles/the wrong way. It's the closest wilderness-style park to where I live (and has a fantastic playground I wish I could show the nieces and nephews!) and it will be great for walks as it's close enough to walk to. Even better, the county parks open at 5 am! Perfect for summer, since State Parks don't open until 8 and by 9 it's usually too hot for me to enjoy any walking.
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