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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent blessings:      Already touched on…

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Recent blessings:

     Already touched on in my big 'Super Seven' post, but it was such a blessing to have a four day 'weekend' and be able to finally finish The Chronicles of Delarun. Hurrah!

     Monday morning I got out for a walk to Blackhawk Park and saw an albino squirrel while I was there--neat!

     I am really loving my new local library. Got to rewatch 'Moon' Tuesday afternoon that I got from the library.

     On Wednesday, my boss brought in bagels for everyone, which was a nice treat. And then there was also a bake sale as a United Way fundraiser. (And I am very much anticipating the third annual pancake breakfast on Friday!)

     Also finally got around to setting up wireless at my new place, which will be nice when I have to start working from home some evenings/weekends.

     And, rather ironic giving the timing of that, but it's getting close to the time of year I most utterly hate, so signing off the internet until sometime in the wonderful month of November...t'DoL's birthday and Thanksgiving, whoo! (And only two days apart, this year!)
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